CityScape Home Insurance

If a fire or other catastrophe occurred in your home today, what would happen next? Where would you live while repairs are being made? Would your Phoenix home insurance policy pay to completely rebuild your home or would you be paid its fair market value? Would there be protection for your jewelry, collections, computers, or other personal property? If someone is injured on your property, how would their medical bills would be paid? If you are sued, would your insurance company pay to defend you? TheĀ home insurance Phoenix professionals at CityScape Insurance can answer these complex questions and find solutions for your insurance needs. Your home is one of the most valuable assets you will ever own. It is an absolute necessity that you protect it. The CityScape agents can assess your home and help you decide exactly how much coverage you will need for not only the structure of your home but also your personal property. homeowners_insuranceThey can determine how vulnerable you are to liability claims and recommend the proper protection for you. With their years of experience in Phoenix home insurance, they can create a custom policy based on your needs. The agents of CityScape can not only create a policy based on your needs, but they can also choose a company based on those needs as well. Not all company’s policies are the same. Contracts can vary widely across insurance companies. CityScape agents can compare your needs over a broad range of companies and decide which company is right for you. As an independent insurance agency, the agents at Cityscape do not work directly for any insurance company. That means they work for you not the insurance company. CityScape professionals can not only compare coverage between companies, but also price. They can compare premiums over the range of companies in their portfolio to make sure you are not only getting great coverage, but get a great price as well. CityScape routinely evaluates the companies offering Phoenix home insurance and adds those companies to their portfolio who can best serve their clients. CityScape professionals can regularly review these newly added companies to ensure that you not only have the best coverage and price today but in the future as well.